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bambinofan69 asked: Where do u get your onsies

I think it was at ebay but im not sure☺️

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ar-black-dl asked: I love your blog. Does the Ms pee while asleep or only awake. Has she tried #2 in the nappies ?

Thank you^^ most of the time I pee while awake but ofc its happens when I’m asleep to:) and I don’t do #2 in my nappies☺️ //Huggies

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hydrodiapers asked: Does ur daddy not wear diapees? P.s. U two look great together.

Yes he does from time to time^^ awiie thank you^^

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shellyrules12 asked: So today we were watching tv and I really had to go and daddy noticed so he sat me in his lap and rubbed my back telling me it's okay and I listened and I did it. I messed my diaper and he was so proud

See! Its nothing to be worried about when you have someone you can trust 100% ^^ // Huggies babydoll

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xxxjeffree1 asked: Where did you buy those diapers the purple one bye

I think it was from ABDLfactory, molicare :)

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xxxjeffree1 asked: Where do you get the purple diaper

The name is Tena Slip Maxi and I think we bougth it via ABDLfactory (: